As the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to change and evolve, understanding how to climb the search rankings and stay there can be a tough, time-consuming and can sap considerable energy.

Although 2020 is a far cry from the pre-Penguin days, we believe that there is still a lot of value in SEO. Increasing your knowledge in the field by investing time into learning is a worthwhile investment in our opinion, as the basics of SEO provide the perfect foundation for the wider, more modern marketing techniques of today.

Is SEO Worth the Effort?

Some choose to go it alone, other choose to invest in an SEO company. Either way, deploying SEO techniques to your website will ensure that it is optimised. This enables it to not only appear higher in the search engine rankings, but it provides an opportunity to do it naturally – without the need for pay-per-click advertising. While the fruits of SEO labour do not happen overnight, it is still widely recognised as the most lucrative form of digital marketing in terms of ROI.

Is My Website Important?

Your website is not just a showcase for your company and your products/services; it’s a tool for growing and increasing your customer base.

To achieve this growth, your site needs the most up-to-date SEO and digital marketing strategies to ensure that it’s always ahead of the curve, and the easiest way to achieve this, is to put it into the hands of an SEO company that really knows the market and fully understands how to make your site stand out from the rest.

What about Local SEO?

With experience of delivering services to both global and local clients, it’s important to note that the two have very different strategies, so it’s best to pick one and stick with it. However, the commitment and effort should remain the same.

At Hexcode, our local SEO strategists are equally as experienced as our global SEOs, ensuring that the same world-class output is cascaded through to our local and freelance clients.

Whether choosing to invest in yourself and handle the workload or whether you choose to go with an agency or freelancer, research should be invested so ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

If you go with an agency, ensure that they have a strong team of specialists in search engine optimisation, as they will not only be able to do the work on your behalf, but they will be able to provide knowledge and insights that could enable you to pick it up later down the line, once they have laid the foundations for growth through ethical link building, improved rankings and increased traffic.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re wondering whether SEO is still relevant, we say “Yes! It still is”.

SEO, when done correctly generates leads and increases visitor numbers, from there you just need to ensure that your website is capable of converting those increased visitor numbers into something of value to you.

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